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Food tours to Italy: recommendations of your private guide

In this article you will find all the information about local Italian dishes and wines, as well as everything regarding food and wine tours to Italy with the private guide. You can get to know the unique cuisine in Italy, see the descriptions and features of each region and sign up for your gastronomic tour. Thanks to your private guide you can make a wonderful food trip to Italy. This is a tradition that allowed Italian cuisine to reach the highest levels of cooking in the world. In each region, in every town, in every village you can get acquainted with numerous interesting dishes and wines. Quality ingredients, food that is prepared strictly according to tradition, will allow you to discover one more aspect of this wonderful country full of rich flavors....

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Unusual attractions in Italy

Most tourists know that you can go to Italy for a great beach vacation or to see the world's masterpieces and the most ancient cultural monuments. Indeed, there are not many countries like Italy! But let’s look at Italy from the other side: below we listed the top 10 most interesting and impressive places, nor widely known, but that are definitely worth seeing....