Unusual attractions in Italy

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Most tourists know that you can go to Italy for a great beach vacation or to see the world's masterpieces and the most ancient cultural monuments.
Indeed, there are not many countries like Italy! But let’s look at Italy from the other side: below we listed the top 10 most interesting and impressive places, nor widely known, but that are definitely worth seeing.

1. Mount Vesuvius

The only active volcano in continental Europe and is still a danger to humans. That is why there is a laboratory near the volcano that studies its activity. You can look In the crater of Vesuvius by riding the funicular cable car.
Mount Vesuvius became world-famous because of the tragedy of the ancient city of Pompeii, which suffered from a volcanic eruption nearly two thousand years ago. Archaeologists found the settlement under the layer of ash including entire streets and even buried alive residents of Pompeii.

2. The Garden of Prisoners

During the eruption of Vesuvius, about 16,000 people died, and their petrified bodies were discovered by archaeologists many centuries later. On the territory of the ancient garden the scientists dug out a group of people who were trying to escape from the lava, and called this place the Garden of Prisoners. Now anyone can see 13 petrified victims of a terrible eruption and realize the scale of an ancient catastrophe.

3. Aosta Valley

Some tourists forget that in Italy has its own Alps. And this means that there are picturesque mountain landscapes here. The smallest and least populated area of ​​Italy - Aosta - invites mountain ski fans to take advantage of quality trails, excellent Italian cuisine, and hospitable hotels for a very reasonable price. And there are such stunning views of the Alpine rivers and mountain peaks!
Besides, you can get to the ski slopes of France and Switzerland within an hour from here.

4. South Tyrol

While talking about mountain skiing and the Alps in Italy, we have to mention the area of South Tyrol, where the locals have much more in common with Germany than with Italy. German is a native language for the locals. And the ideal mountain slopes and fresh air constantly attract fans of winter sports from all over the world.

5. Lake Como

One of the favorite vacation destinations for Milan residents and numerous tourists in northern Italy is Lake Como. Visitors are attracted by the unusual form of the lake (in the form of the letter Y) and its significant size (146 square kilometers), as well as the picturesque natural landscapes of the Italian Alps, the quaint towns on the lake shores, and the rich cultural and historical past of this area.
The most exciting feedback comes from the boat rides in the Italian pearl. And celebrities are fighting for the right to own a piece of land in the Lake Como region.

6. Sirmione Thermal Springs

Thermal complexes near Lake Garda offer an opportunity to rest and recharge with the unique combination of sulfuric water and the mud of Sirmione. This is one of the best places in Italy, where relaxation can be combined with healing. Local residents talk about the rare in their effectiveness properties of thermal springs Sirmione. Besides, the picturesque coast of Lake Garda and nearby Roman Villas make this Italian place even more attractive in the eyes of tourists.

7. Frasassi Caves

Autumn is the best time of year to travel to the center of the Earth in the Frassasi Caves. The trail through the numerous caves and grottoes takes 75 minutes, but the memories from the most remarkable karst cave system in the world will last for a lifetime! Convenient walkways and ladders installed in grottoes and caves will be appreciated by any active traveler. Enthusiastic reviews of tourists make visiting The Frasassi Caves a must place to see on the trip to Italy.

Author: Tourist guide