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Castel Sant'Angelo

Tour description: The construction of the Castel Sant'Angelo began in Rome in 135 AD. In its almost 2,000-year history, it was repeatedly rebuilt and functioned not only as a castle, but also as a tomb, as the residence of popes, as a vault and, of course, as a prison. Nowadays, the Military History Museum is located in the Castel Sant'Angelo, where tourists can see the Secret Archive, Treasure Hall, papal fortress, the lodge of Paul III, the hall of Clement VII, the courtyard of Alexander VI and much more – there are more than 50 rooms that make up this labyrinth!

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Saint Mark's Basilica

Tour description: Saint Mark's Basilica is perhaps the most visited temple in Venice and one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is located in the center of the city - on St. Mark's Square near the Doge's Palace. The Saint Mark's Basilica is known not only for its stunning architecture in the Byzantine style, but also because it is in this temple that the relics of the apostle Mark are located. Besides, there are many art objects brought from Constantinople in the time of the Crusades that you can find here.

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Boboli Gardens

Tour description: The world-famous Boboli gardens are located directly behind the Pitti Palace, the main seat of the Medici grand dukes of Tuscany at Florence, and considered a garden sculpture museum. Why is this park so interesting? First of all, it is very beautiful - there is a huge number of all kinds of terraces, fountains, grottos and gazeboes. Secondly, there are sculptures created at different times - from antiquity to the 17th century. And finally, the most important argument - the Boboli Gardens served as a model for creating all the European royal parks, including Versailles. This park is also so admirable because of the beautiful view of Florence that opens up from here.

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La Scala

Tour description: The world's most famous opera house is located here in Italy, and the name of it is La Scala. For the last three centuries, it is the meeting place of the Milan aristocracy, and all the real opera lovers dream about coming here.

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